Friday, March 5, 2010

Hot Actress Charmi Kissing a Telugu Hero

Sexy and hot Actress charmi caught kissing a small telugu hero. We got the kissing picture of actress charmi here for you. Actress charmi is kissing a telugu movie hero in this photo.

There is an unofficial news that charmi took 15 lakks to this kissing scene. Actress charmi fans and lovers who wants to lip kiss her get ready with 15 lakhs. If you got ready with the money then you can french kiss actress charmi. Hot actress charmi also allows you takes the picture or a vedio while kissing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hot Actress Nayantara Kissing Simbhu

Here we got the picture of south indian actress nayantara while kissing a hero. In this photo nayantara caught while french kissing. Sexy actress Nayantara was french kissing with tamil movie hero simbhu in this picture.

When we asked to nayantara about this kissing incident she says that its none of your business. I will kiss whom i want says the hot babe nayantara.

When we asked to simbhu about this kissing incident he said that nayantara have asked me to kiss her, Thats why i kissed her says simbhu.